Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saving President Reagan's Chicago Home

By Mary Claire Kendall
 1983, Washington, DC, USA — President Ronald Reagan
— Image by © Shepard Sherbell/CORBIS SABA

Happy New Year!  Albeit, it’s not entirely happy.  You see, Obamites are getting ready to demolish the home in Chicago where President Ronald Reagan lived at age 4 and had his first memories, about which he spoke and wrote poignantly, bringing him to the brink of tears at one point. We’re working intensively behind the scenes: VERY SYMBOLIC if they destroy home; VERY SYMBOLIC if we save it. We will know if our efforts to save home are succeeding in next few days.

President Reagan’s Chicago home was written up as having “Landmark Potential” during Reagan’s presidency, i.e., May 1986, and two months later was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Then, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his Landmarks Commission (including new political appointees inexperienced in preservation) denied it landmark status—now that President Barack Obama is in office and his presidential library will in all likelihood be located not far from Reagan’s Chicago home. 

For more information, see:

Author in front of Reagan Chicago Home, November 30, 2012.
Credit: Matthew A. Rarey.
Demolition equipment that showed up behind the Reagan home
the day after Christmas; one of three back hauls, usually equipped
with a shovel, which they retrofit with  jaws to pick up debris after boom
destroys building, placing it in piles for carting away.
Wrecking crane that showed up behind the Reagan home
the day after Christmas
Reagan home is being readied for demolition, shown here with
metal fencing and green cloth, to catch dust produced during
the demolition,  temporary construction erected mid-December

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  1. If it were an eyesore it might be different, but it is not. It's a surprisingly handsome building for its considerable age. And given its historical significance, the decision to tear it down is tragic. Even pathetic. But then, what else would one expect in a city run by left-wing thugs one step removed from Al Capone?


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